Kerstin Gisella, Germany

January 1, 2000

"My experiences with German New Medicine"

I have been familiar with German New Medicine for a few years. I find it fantastic to see just how accurately it works - with me, my family, with friends, or acquaintances. Even my children who grow up with this awareness know already how to handle it quite well. When they 'catch' a conflict here and there, and this usually gets quickly resolved, they come to me and say: "Mama, I know precisely why I have this cough or cold", or "why my knee hurts". And when a conflict cannot be resolved immediately, then they meekly come and say: "Mama, can I run something by you?"

It is really exhilarating when we live to see how our children grow up with a different comprehension of the term "disease", and these are mostly just healing phases anyway. It is true that neither I nor my children can completely avoid conflicts because, after all, we are indeed always responsible for our own reactions, but I believe that in the meantime we have learned to cope differently with them.

German New Medicine recognizes that there are such things as so-called hanging conflicts that are no longer highly active but have been downgraded, and yet they can relapse at any time.

Without being aware of it, I dragged such a conflict around with me for ten years.

You see, I have been happily married for 13 years, and have two daughters, but my most ardent wish had always been to have one more child, a son. My husband, the sole breadwinner, was not keen to embrace this idea. Sure, if another child would have arrived on the scene, he would gladly have joined me to welcome it - of that I was always certain.

And this was maybe the reason why I had never really abandoned this heart's desire.

For me, the 'pill' was out of the question because it is not compatible with German New Medicine's teachings, and that's why, in the past few years, it sometimes happened that on occasion I thought that I was pregnant. Due to lack of patience, I was often quick to do a pregnancy test, just to be sure. Of course I was disappointed when the test came back as negative, and it took me a few days to get over it, but then the subject was closed again. I never told my husband about this.

Recently, such a situation came up again.

As usual, I had a test done, but this time, I was not at all disappointed with the result, just the opposite!

You see, I thought to myself: "Now you are 37 years old and are just about "too old" to have another child. In the meantime, the children are just about out of the woods. and to start from scratch again - I don't think so - that's not what I want any more!"

Although I was really surprised at my own reaction, it was nevertheless my firm conviction. A few days later, I felt that my left breast (I am right-handed) was quite painful; I mean it was very tender. The next morning I noticed that a red area had formed. The breast was hot, lobster red, very swollen and it felt hard to the touch. Even the nipple had turned inward. Although I was not in a panic because, let's face it, I knew that this could 'only' be the healing phase of an intraductal mammary carcinoma - but what bothered me was that I was unclear about the conflict. It could only be a separation conflict either from my mother, my children or my nest. But in that respect, there had not been even a trace of conflict anywhere.

But it was very important for me to find out just how long this had been going on so that I could be in a position to evaluate the conflict mass to know what to expect in the healing phase.

It is true that following a very long or intensive conflict course, the healing phase of an intraductal mammary carcinoma can become very bothersome - so much so that one has to evaluate the need for a possible intervention. But, if at all necessary, where would I find a surgeon who could undertake such an intervention based on the understanding of German New Medicine? So, there was nothing else to do but to wait and see what happens.

I tried quark compresses that have a cooling effect and counteract the swelling, and I placed an additional ice pack on the respective area on the head. The next day, the redness and swelling had even increased. The redness had expanded upwards all around the breast for 8-9 cm, but the pain had become more bearable. On occasion, I felt intense stabbing pains which were very uncomfortable. Aside from that, I also had the impression that the breast was externally somewhat deformed, had started to bulge. Then I rubbed the breast with milking grease and massaged it gently towards the nipple. And I noticed one other thing: my short term memory had been affected.

I did the quark compresses for a total of five days, but only at night, and during the day the ice packs or cooling compresses, stuffed into a larger bra.

After 6 days, the redness had diminished somewhat but the breast was still swollen, hard and heavy, even the nipple remained retracted.

During all of my ponderings, I always asked myself, time and time again: "What exactly did I resolve for myself? Naturally, I thought about the pregnancy test but that seemed a little too abstract to me, too far fetched. I was not really sure. Eventually, I confided in a female friend of mine who is well versed in German New Medicine. She, however, was of the opinion that it could only be that.

After a consultation with the "Headquarter", the assumption was confirmed.

And it was really not as abstract as it might have seemed at first, because with letting go, I had kissed my "son" a final good-bye, if not in reality but certainly mentally.

Well, this can happen in the best of families even if one can't make any sense of it.

But that's not the end of the story: My friend suggested replacing the quark compresses with cabbage leaves. I remembered then that in the past my father had used this with many undefined minor ailments and had indeed been successful.

That's why for me this idea was not really as odd as it might have sounded to someone else. After all, in ancient times cabbage had enjoyed a fine reputation and was considered practically a universal "remedy". In a manner of speaking, for six hundred years, the Romans knew no other "remedy". They used cabbage as an external as well as internal cleansing agent, for compresses and for treating the wounds of their legions. According to German New Medicine, it is certainly not objectionable to assist a healing phase with some supportive means. After all, one uses a cough syrup to soothe a persistent cough.

So, I bought a very fresh, green, and juicy Savoy cabbage (Wirsingkohl).

That evening, I broke off a few leaves, washed them thoroughly, cut out the thick ribs and rolled out the leaves, like a flat noodle roll. After that, I spread all this across by breast and, because of the wetness, I placed a plastic wrap over it. The next morning, the surface of my breast looked quite wrinkled but a while later it all flattened out. The redness had disappeared, the tightness had reduced a little and I thought, or maybe I just imagined, that my breast had become a little smaller. I continued the application of these compresses and allowed the cabbage leaves to "work" up to 12 hours and more. After only a few days, I could already notice with joy that the breast had indeed become smaller and softer. I was elated when I saw that the nipple started to very slowly come back to normal. The stabbing pains in the breast also diminished more and more only to be replaced with a terrible itching. At any rate, I continued the procedure for a while and intermittently rubbed the breast with milking grease, massaged it and also continued the cooling efforts.

In the meantime, everything went back to normal. The whole process had lasted a total of three weeks. I shudder to think what could have happened if I had not already known German New Medicine. I would probably have been operated on, the breast would possibly have been amputated or totally mutilated.

I get furious when I think how many people still have to suffer when they could be helped; or how many millions have already died, who did not have had to die, and all that because of 17 years of constant boycott of German New Medicine with all conceivable means.

This is indeed the greatest Holocaust in the history of mankind!

Translated from the original German document

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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