Cherry Trumpower

September 12, 2006

"Cherry wanted to tell the world about German New Medicine"

January, 2005: I was diagnosed with "metastatic breast cancer", grade 3 (of possible 1-3) stage IV (of possible 0 – IV) in my left breast. This disease is diagnosed as chronic and the average life span, once diagnosed, is 2 years.

My lungs were covered with tumors, the largest being 4 cm (2.5 cm to an inch). Based on this diagnosis alone, it was estimated that I had approximately 4 months to live.

The left breast mass is currently 11cm x 8cm.

1% of those diagnosed survive beyond a 5 year time frame. Conventional medicine has not been able to discern what separates that 1% from the rest. I believe that I will be a part of the 1% and I further believe I know why.

Take a deep breath and take a pause.

Once you have been diagnosed with cancer, take a moment to absorb the news and digest it. Do not be tempted to react immediately out of fear to what standard medicine's "belief system" has been trained to tell you.

Many patients are shocked by the news and perceive it as a death sentence. Do not fall victim to this type of diagnosis shock and perpetuate their predictions. They do not have all of the answers and most of what they do know is based on clinical observation and statistical data. Please do not interpret this as disrespect. These physicians are good people with their own belief systems received from their training and experience.

Very little has changed with regards to how cancer is treated since the 1950s. Medical doctors diagnose any type of cell multiplication as cancer. They will tell you that "this disease has been aggressive in your body; you need to treat it equally as aggressively." Do not allow yourself to be frightened into an immediate response that is not well thought out and appropriate for your body and spirit.

This disease of your body did not show up overnight. It took some time for this program to be set within your system for this "imposter cell" to grow and become large enough to be detected.

Don't buy into the delusion of illness. Life is but a dream. You are what you believe. Your mind believes what you tell it to be true. Your Spirit governs your mind and your body. Trust your Spirit.

Be careful what you believe or who you choose to believe. Trust yourself and your "gut feelings" more than anyone or anything else. You must make the decisions and your first decision to make is that "you decide to live".

Become knowledgeable

Should you choose to treat your health challenge with conventional medicine, it is up to you to know what is taking place in your body according to their standards.

Research to understand your diagnosis, what "grade" and "stage" means, and what type of cancer they have diagnosed.

  • Look up recommended treatments for your type of cancer and what the survival rates are.
  • Do Internet searches on alternative healing methodologies and treatment options, both FDA approved and what is outside their "drug only" cure parameters.

Study success

Put your message out to family and friends in search of those who have beaten this disease. Find out what path they chose toward their healing. Study your options, research them, and make a conscious decision toward your path.

Take charge of your path to healing

Once you have considered all of your options – work with your chosen physician to customize your regimen to suit your physical and emotional needs. If your doctor is uncomfortable, should you choose to integrate your healing – find one who will work with you.

You should know that standard medicine "massages "statistics. More people die from cancer treatment than do from the disease. Reaction to the treatments: heart attacks, blood clots, and infections are just a few of the possible side effects and risks from the treatment. When people die from these "side effects", they are said to have died from natural causes, not cancer or the treatment.

Reaction to the medical diagnosis can kill - can cause one to believe they are going to die and fulfill the prophecy.

With the information I was able to gather, I chose my treatment with quality of life in mind. If orthodox medicine is telling you that you have only a short period of time left, how do they know for certain? They are projecting their "best guess". Embrace treatments that allow you a certain quality of life. From the time I began my treatments, no one was able to tell that I am facing this health challenge.

You do not have to feel sick, look sick, or be sick. Take the time to prepare your body for your path to healing.

Become part of the solution, not the problem – incorporate a healing diet

Regardless of your religious or spiritual background – you need to modify your diet to one that will assist in the healing of your body. Your body is a temple to your Spirit. Healing your body and your Spirit require that you respect both. You need to focus on nourishing your body.

Integrate your personal approach to healing

Take charge of your path. You are in control and this is your decision. The people who do survive are those that do not place their well-being in the hands of others and expect them to heal you. You, your Spirit, and your physical body are responsible for your own well-being and healing. Once you have researched all of your options, make a decision on what you feel will work in your body.

Incorporate spiritual practices to healing

An important part of your healing will involve a positive attitude, your spirituality, and a daily practice. Prayer, meditation, yoga, and spiritual connection are as important to your healing process as anything else you will do. Your spirit must be strong and you must never give up hope. For some, it is easier to die than to face the challenges of living and healing. You must not blame God for what has happened. What has occurred in your body is a meaningful biological process. However, you need to look to your God for the guidance to repair and heal your system. Depend on God or your Spirit to point you in the right direction toward your path to healing as he has mine.

You will make mistakes, as I did, based on your knowledge at the time. Continue to be open to what is presented to you and make your choice as to whether it is what is right for you or not.

March 2005 thru April 2006 - Standard Medicine

Biological Therapy and Chemotherapy

According to conventional medicine:
  • My cancer has what is known as the Her2 Factor.
  • The cancer coats itself with a protein to disguise itself.
  • It is a fast growing form of "Apocrine Advanced Breast Cancer".
  • A biological therapy known as Herceptin was used to treat the cancer.
  • Theoretically, the Herceptin attaches itself to the Her2+ Cells so that the killer white blood cells may identify them as not "members of the team", attack them, and kill them.

The doctors wanted me to receive serious combinations of Chemo. The side effects of those drugs are debilitating. I chose to receive only the Herceptin – since it was touted as being the fix for my kind of cancer.

My lungs became clear by fall 2005, however the breast mass had increased. My oncologists were stumped as to why the lungs seemed to respond to treatment but the breast did not. I was told I would need to do more to fight the disease by my medical physicians. I made a decision to add (1) chemotherapy, Navelbeine, and (2) an additional alternative treatment of ozone shots into the tumor to "kick-start" the process. You should be prepared for your medical doctors to tell you that the cancer has been aggressive with your body – you need to be aggressive with the cancer. They will want to "load" your body with chemo to initiate your process. I decided against this.

Rather than taking my chemo treatments once every 3 weeks, I asked them to divide the treatment into 3 and have the treatments every week. I have a friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer – less degree than I had. She agreed to the "chemo load", experienced a severe allergic reaction, a heart attack, and was dead in less than 2 months of her diagnosis. The disease did not kill her – the treatment did.


"One must not forget that recovery is brought about not by the physician, but by the sick man himself. He heals himself, by his own power, exactly as he walks by means of his own power, or eats, or thinks, breathes or sleeps." Georg Groddeck

April 2006: I learned about German New Medicine (GNM) through my alternative medical doctors. In early May 2006, I traveled to Montreal with one of my doctors to attend a GNM Seminar taught by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

GNM really turns all our paradigms about our approach to disease and medicine upside down and would put the pharmaceutical companies out of business. GNM proves that Mother Nature doesn't make mistakes and that there is a biological reason for every cancer as well as other diseases, and how the body is programmed to heal itself.

This new concept appealed to me immediately. From the very beginning of this challenge, despite what doctors were telling me, I always believed that I will survive; I felt it in my heart. I truly believed in my body's ability to heal itself and wanted to trust in that above all else.  I further believed that this disease was caused by an effect outside my body that impacted my health.

Dr. Hamer, the founder of German New Medicine®, has proven through over 40,000 case histories that all diseases, including cancer, are caused by an emotional shock that catches us completely off guard. It impacts our brain, psyche, and organs at the same time. This creates a lesion on the area of the brain that correlates to the specific type of shock and then relays the message to the corresponding organ.

I was able to relate my illness to a particular shock that occurred in my life. It is during the "conflict active" state where the tumor grows. In the case of breast cancer, it is a "nest worry conflict, where a woman actually creates more breast cells to produce more milk (even though she is not breast feeding), because in Nature the way a female resolves her worry conflict is to produce more milk to provide for her "nest members".

In the case of lung cancer, the tumor is caused by a "death fright conflict".

Standard medicine defines any proliferation of cells as cancer, even though it is, as Dr. Hamer discovered, a programmed biological survival response. Yes, we are "spiritual creatures embracing our own human experience", but, we must not lose sight of the fact that our spirits are encased in animal bodies with animal natures and biological pre-programming.

One must recognize one's conflict(s) - then go through a "conflict resolution". Once you have resolved your conflict, your body goes into a healing phase where the body's own bacteria, specifically created and designed for just this purpose - degrade and decompose the tumor(s).

I was able to follow everything, in my case, from start till now. I determined my "conflict(s)", resolved them, and have discovered that I am currently in the healing phase.

I am right-handed. My breast cancer in my left breast started with a nest conflict that was compounded by continuing worries all relating to members of my "nest". They were:

  • my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer             
  • my son got a DUI and moved to another state (my child was threatened and moved away from the nest)
  • my dog died (many people regard their pets as members of the family or nest).

GNM helped me to determine that mastectomies are needless, brutal, soulless operations. Women with breast cancer do not need to lose their breasts or nipples. Breast cancer is not life threatening. When you hear of a woman "succumbing" to breast cancer, she has not died from the disease. She has died either from the effects of her treatment or the enervation or exhaustion in her body due to her treatments.

Chemo and radiation do not "heal" cancer - ergo - why the oncologists could not explain why the lung cancer "responded to the treatment" by completely disappearing, but the breast mass continued to grow and did not respond to any treatment. How could the same cancer respond in one part of my body to chemo treatment, but not another? It is because my body healed itself of the lung cancer because I was able to resolve the death-fright conflict that caused it. I had still not resolved the breast cancer conflict.

A note of interest - for chemotherapy to be approved by the FDA today, it only requires that the drug company can prove that the drug shrank a tumor for a one month period. That is all!

GNM dispels the myth of "metastasis" as an unproven medical theory. My lung cancer was caused by a "death fright conflict" which I was able to resolve right away. My body was able to heal itself of my lung cancer, since spiritually - I am not afraid of death.

According to GNM it is only necessary to interfere medically, e.g. with surgery, when the tumor or mass is obstructing the function of the organ. Breast cancer is not "life threatening".

Many times the disease is discovered while the body is already in the healing phase - because you experience pain, inflammation, fever, etc. when the tumor is being decomposed. You experience extreme fatigue and weakness because your body is dedicating all of its energy toward the healing process. The most difficult part of the healing phase is the so-called "epileptoid crisis". I got through this crisis - experienced the excruciating headache, the fever, the dizziness, etc.

The key is that you understand the body's healing process and that you do not panic or interfere when these processes present themselves. Allow the process to flow and heal.

GNM explains why people who never smoked get lung cancer, why people who never drank get cirrhosis of the liver, why people who live lives where they drink, smoke, live in excess of every kind, are exposed to 'cancer causing chemicals', etc., are never sick a day in their lives. It explains why some people are diagnosed with cancer and when doctors prepare to operate or intervene, the mass has somehow miraculously disappeared or encapsulated itself. It's because cancer is not caused by anything other than this initial emotional "shock" and the body wants, and has the ability, to heal itself.

In April of 2006, with German New Medicine resonating with my Spirit, I chose this as my path to healing. I truly believe in my body's ability to heal itself. I stopped my ozone therapy in March 2006 and my chemo treatments in April 2006. I continued with my alternative medicine doctors and healing practices to assist my body with it's healing. I discontinued anything that may kill or deter the bacteria in my body from doing its job of decomposing the tumor.

It is a difficult path. In a society of "doers", people are shocked when you are not "doing" chemo or radiation treatment.  People have been trained to believe what orthodox medicine has told them about cancer and find it difficult to comprehend this NEW medicine.

Most people are not willing to endure what the body requires to go through to heal itself. Because God gave me the strength to endure and trust in my body's ability to heal, I still have my breast and have not had to endure the serious side effects of standard medicine's treatment.

Regardless of the time it took for a tumor to present itself in the body, people want the cure to be immediate – get it out of my body, cut it out, radiate it away, without consideration of the effects. I declined radiation when offered. Directly below my left breast are my heart and my lungs. No one could guarantee me that the radiation would not impact these vital organs. I had known of a woman who had this radiation and damaged both. She died from the complications of that damage.

I have experienced blood loss through the tumor and consequently a dangerously low hemoglobin blood level. Even with weekly Procrit shots, my levels decline weekly. I believe the chemo has affected my bone marrow's ability to produce hemoglobin.

I have experienced high fevers. Most people, when experiencing a fever, want to take a pill to stop it. A fever is your body's way of dealing with a problem. We should not interfere with the body's program to heal.

In August of 2006, the tides began to turn. After 3 months of discontinuing my chemo treatments, and allowing my body to do what it is biologically programmed to do, it has begun to decompose the tumor. Initially, the mass was hard, like a rock. I noticed it beginning to soften. Then I noticed a nasty discharge in my bandage. Previously, I had only experienced a clear discharge from the mass. Most people would assume this to be an infection and see a physician to stop it. I understood this was my body's bacteria decomposing the tumor. It started in the center of the mass, and is rapidly becoming crater-like. Where the mass is degrading, a hole is forming and growing.

It may take some time for the tumor to decompose, since it took 1 1/2 years for it to grow to its current size of 11cm x 8cm. I will continue to document my progress toward the healing of my body and becoming cancer free.

There are no statistics or studies pertaining to those cancer patients who have declined radiation or Chemo. We only study disease with death. There are many stories, however, of how people were "miraculously" cured by many other means.  The true miracle is this body that was designed by perfection. Their bodies healed themselves, and some other healing modality they were using at the time received the credit.

This illness has been inconvenient, bothersome, a learning experience, and a blessing. I have been one of the lucky ones. I survived the treatment process which kills more cancer patients than the actual disease. I did not allow doctors to "mutilate" my body. I have still been able to live my life and it's been a good 1 year and 9 months. I have not allowed this to take anything away from me. I have traveled and studied and experienced life. I have learned so much, about health and nutrition and I have grown spiritually and emotionally. I am a better person in every way.

"The greatest affliction of the cosmos is never to have been afflicted. Mortals only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation."

I have learned to embrace life, but also to "just be". It requires more focus and determination to be a Human Being than it does to be a "Human Doing".

I am always searching for my path to healing. You make decisions based on your perception of the facts at that time. You make some mistakes, but you learn from them.

This is my chosen path – German New Medicine.

Our condolences!
On February 2, 2007 at 11:11 pm, Cherry died at the age of 55. According to her doctor, "her lungs could not support her life function".

Our gratitude goes to Cherry's husband, who gave us the permission to publish Cherry's message, saying: "Cherry wanted to tell the world about German New Medicine".

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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