October 7th, 2008

" … because I now have control …"


Since I have read other testimonials of German New Medicine (GNM), I wish to contribute my own experience. It is not my only one, because I could write about several, as I have been familiar with GNM for years.
My first 'Ah-Ha' moment was a few years ago and involved a bladder infection, which, as is often the case with women, was already 'chronic'. Now I have to laugh about this, because the reason, it turns out, is so absurd!
It started when I was 7 years old. I had a bladder infection that was being thoroughly examined by all types of doctors. I had to undergo uncomfortable tests, but my mother insisted that I submit to them.
However, the bladder infections kept recurring several times a year.
The reason given by the doctors seemed to make sense at the time: "Your daughter must avoid sitting on cold rocks!" My mother told me insistently not to do this any more.
What happened after a few months? … the next bladder infection; and I maintain even today, that I definitely never sat on cold rocks, because I did not want to be subjected to the painful medical procedure ever again.
So, they came up with another reason: You must not wear clothing that exposes your belly. As a young teenager I enjoyed wearing short tops. So I began to wear normal size tops and made sure I did not sit on cold rocks.
Some time later, we were traveling to a vacation destination and at a rest stop I had to use the toilet. Of course, I did not sit on the toilet seat, but the next infection was said to have come from this, as bacteria most likely jumped onto me.
After this I avoided public toilets, in addition I wore long tops, and did not sit on cold rocks.
At the examination of the next infection, it was said, that I must have sat on cold rocks although I denied it clearly. "You are still young and do not always know what you do". (Thanks for this vote of confidence!)
The following years, I did not bother to figure out anymore where the bladder infections came from or why … it was of no importance to me. At one point I took antibiotics for ten days and still got these infections repeatedly for years.
Then one day German New Medicine entered my life and I asked myself whether I could apply this knowledge to my bladder infections. I attended a workshop dealing with Allergies and Tracks to learn about my hay fever (which is now largely gone – spontaneous healing? Ha-ha!) and got some ideas, that I could possibly connect with my bladder infections.
I am a right-handed 'Lefty' (I remember of always being admonished by my mother, even though it was over 20 years ago: …use your right hand! Grrr- oh well, now I am ambidextrous). It is difficult for me to find the exact Significant Biological Special Program (SBS) in the index, because I find that nearly everything is written for right-handed people. Nevertheless I did manage to find the appropriate answers to my problem.
The 'problem' was my mother. She constantly interfered in my affairs and wanted to run my life [note: biological conflict linked to the bladder lining: not being able to mark the territory]. We don't get along all that well even today, but we found a way to adjust to each other.
One night, while I still lived with my mother, she stormed into my room and derided me for being on the telephone, because she was 'bothered' by the murmuring she heard every once in a while. She did not want me to use my telephone at night. I, on the other hand, could not understand her objection, because when I was watching TV it was not a problem for her. I could not see her reasoning, because it was my telephone, which I paid for myself.
I felt my anger. I could not fathom that she insisted on claiming this right! As she left the room, I suddenly realized that I would have another bladder infection! After a few minutes I felt these terrible pains coming on again. I had to get myself a hot water bottle to alleviate the pain. I calmed myself down by accepting her idiosyncrasies and there is no reason for my getting so upset over them. It must have helped. I did not remain upset for the whole night and my anger passed after about 5 minutes. This bladder infection episode lasted for about one hour and then vanished completely.
As long as I continued to live there, I had regular recurrences of the infections, just like all the years before. There was a distinct difference however: My bladder infection would last about one hour, whenever I was angered by my mother for 5 minutes and then disappear. I could set my watch by this knowledge! Since then I did not visit any doctor, because I now have control over my reaction and consequently the conflict duration - if not over the conflict producing episodes.
I am sooo glad, that I do not have to suffer these infections the way I did in younger years and I have no fear anymore of them. My last doctor visit was in 2003.
If there would be a rebate system in our health insurance costs, I could become 'rich', because I know my body and my psyche best!
Many thanks, Dr. Hamer.

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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