March 14, 2010

"I knew that I would be well again…"

Right-handed male
Age: 49      

I learned about German New Medicine in November 2009, when I attended a GNM presentation.

I found the principles to be quite reasonable and thought that if I were ever to suffer a "conflict", I would try and see how it all worked. At the time, I felt 100% well. I continued going to lectures and became more and more enthusiastic about the work. It was, however, still just a theory for me, since I had not experienced it first-hand yet - something that was to change soon.

It hit me like a stroke of lightning, when I had a really terrible conflict with my son, age 11. The situation was the following.

1st Conflict: Territorial Anger - Conflict-Active Phase

We had gone to visit my girl-friend at her house, and in the evening we all went to bed there, as usual. Our door was of course closed when we started to make love, and we kept any noises to a minimum. My girl friend, having children of her own (who were away at the time), was worried that my son might possibly be listening at the door. I didn't think so, but we interrupted our love-play, and I opened the door, only to encounter the terrified face of my son. He went so sad and weepily back into his room that I followed him and spoke very lovingly with him about the whole situation.

The conflict shock actually only occurred the next day, when he was acting so frantically that I got really angry with him! What went through my mind was: "I am not going to allow my son to 'dictate' whether I can make love to my girl friend or not, when he is with me (since I am divorced). If he had his way, he would want us all to sleep separately! No, this I will not tolerate!"

At the time, I had not gotten so far with GNM yet as to be able to exactly classify the conflict and thought nothing of it, while continuing to go to GNM lectures.

After about 11 weeks my anger had diminished to such a degree that I forgave my son his behavior. I told him, however, that he had to respect my rules when he was with me.

1st Conflict: Territorial Anger - Healing Phase

On November 7th, 2009 (11 weeks after the DHS), I had an aha-reaction when I noticed a yellowish discharge coming out of my penis that persisted over the next few days. Now I remembered that I had had something similar about 15 years earlier and had, of course, taken antibiotics, after which it went away. Unfortunately I cannot remember any more details than that. However, it had long become clear to me since then that I would no longer take drugs and would now try out GNM on my own body, instead.

2nd Conflict: Sexual Self-Devaluation - Conflict-Active Phase

After about 2 weeks I called two people who knew their way around GNM much better than I did. I wanted to know how long the healing phase would last (although I already knew beforehand that it would take precisely those 11 weeks that the conflict-active phase had lasted).

I also told them my new "delicate subject" story, namely that I now had, on the underside of my penis, a kind of boil, which concerned me. Now, I was made aware that I was dealing with a sexual self-devaluation conflict.- In the meantime, I had also attended a GNM-lecture by Mr. Pilhar (Austria), who, too, had confirmed this "diagnosis'. And, how could it be otherwise - all of them were right! Over the last two weeks, I was indeed concerned, if I will ever be able to have normal sex again. This was my self-devaluation conflict.

It took about 6 weeks to strengthen my confidence in the GNM paradigm and to accept that this was how things were. Worst-case scenario, I would just have to go to a surgeon to have this boil on my penis removed.

2nd Conflict: Sexual Self-Devaluation - Healing Phase

So, I knew that I would be well again and patiently endured the next several weeks. By the end of 2009 the boil had rapidly reduced in size by two-thirds, and had disappeared almost completely by the beginning of March 2010, which came to about 9 weeks of the healing phase, the last 4 weeks of which hardly anything was visible.

1st Conflict: Territorial Anger - Healing Phase, cont'd

Concerning the discharge from my penis, I deliberately "made friends" with my symptom and was happy about my body reacting in this manner. After all, it meant that "waste" was being eliminated from my body. By the end of January 2010 the discharge was nearly all gone; it took another 17 weeks for it to disappear completely!

When researching the internet, I detected, interestingly enough, on "mainstream" sites that such symptoms would eventually disappear on their own without drugs; and, that people with my problem had visited numerous doctors and had taken masses of drugs - all without result.

Many thanks to Helmut Pilhar and to Dr. Hamer!

GNM Explanation: He had actually experienced a "territorial marking conflict" (when his son "invaded his territory", that is, the "domain" of the bedroom) rather than a "territorial anger conflict".

Translated from the original German document

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