Paul Barratt Hassett - Australia

July 11, 2010


I would like to submit a testimonial to help your cause.

My wife has been having bladder infections for a year and a half; in fact she has had two which necessitated antibiotics to treat. After the second bladder infection she kept having relapses on and off, meaning one week she would have the symptoms all week then the next she would feel fine, then a couple of weeks later she would get a flare up, and then it would settle but there was a constant issue.

This was distressing for her and she hates taking antibiotics so she just put up with the issue. During an unrelated doctor visit, we talked about it to the doctor and he requested urine tests to investigate further. We did that by sending in a sample whenever she had a flare up. Results were inconclusive.

After taking a closer look at the emotional causes, and we do a lot of work with this type of stuff anyway and are very comfortable with the whole GNM approach, we noticed the "territorial marking conflict". It seemed more fitting for us to call it "setting boundaries". In the first context the issue seemed to arise around sex.

I wanted to explore different sexual fantasies in the bedroom, nothing too radical, just fun adult stuff. While my wife was fine with this, there were some parts that made her feel uncomfortable. Now here is the problem. She didn't want to say anything because she loves me with all her heart and did not want to upset me by rejecting me or my ideas (isn't she wonderful). This caused a massive conflict internally and here is why.

After talking about this, we discovered very quickly (due to our process that we developed) that she had been forced to do a sexual act with a previous partner that was a violation to her personal space. She didn't set boundaries then, and didn't set boundaries now because of the same internal conflict; she didn't want to upset anyone.  As a result she was the one suffering.

We resolved the issue and her symptoms went away immediately. All symptoms have been gone for 6 months thus far and we can talk freely in the bedroom. Communication is a wonderful thing!

Now we discovered that it doesn't always have to do with sex. She had a flare-up just a week ago. She was on stage training in the company of her parents when her mother, who was at the back of the room, kept putting her hand up and interrupting by explaining to the students how to better understand what my wife was teaching. Now my wife is an excellent trainer and has been in her domain since she was just 16 years of age, now 36 years old, so there is no need for anyone to help her with her training as she is quite competent. But this is just what her mother does and it is very inappropriate.

She noticed the next day the she was getting the symptoms of a bladder infection. We discussed the invasion of her territory and how she was having her boundaries invaded, referred to by GNM as a "territorial marking conflict". After a little compassionate sorting out, the symptoms went away within the hour and stayed away.

This is only a small part of our daily lives where GNM plays a part. GNM principles work for a whole range of symptoms from arm pain to asthma attacks. We use it on our kids and ourselves and anyone who will listen, we love it. GNM ROCKS!!!

Disclaimer: The information in this testimonial does not replace professional medical advice.

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