The discoveries of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.
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Caroline Markolin received her Ph.D. in German literature from the University of Salzburg, Austria. After she moved to Canada in 1987, she taught German Language and Literature at Concordia University in Montreal. During her academic career, she published numerous books and essays on contemporary Austrian literature. In 1998, she resigned from her academic position as tenured Associate Professor and began to pursue her strong interest in naturopathic medicine.

In early 2000, during a visit in Austria, she attended her first GNM lecture.  Captivated by Dr. Hamer's scientific findings, she enthusiastically dedicated herself to the full-time study of the New Medicine, as it was still called then. In 2002, after extensive and diligent immersion in the available GNM research material, she met Dr. Hamer and began to study under his guidance. In recognition of the in-depth knowledge of his work, Dr. Hamer entrusted her with the English translation of the Scientific Chart of German New Medicine®, published in 2007.  

Caroline Markolin is a full-time GNM teacher devoted to make Dr. Hamer’s discoveries available to the English-speaking world.


Regretfully, I haven’t had any personal contact with Dr. Hamer since 2012. It is well known that Dr. Hamer has preconceived notions regarding people of Jewish descent. On this subject, I have written to him several letters, in which I questioned his continuous claim that (allegedly) “over the past 30 years, all Jews in the world are using the Germanic New Medicine for themselves and their people”, that “no Jew is taking chemotherapy”, and for that reason “worldwide, more than 99% of Jewish patients have survived cancer”. In the hope that this might change his stance, I documented in my letters to him (among other pieces of evidence) the personal loss of two Jewish friends who both had cancer and, in spite of being Jewish, did not receive any “Germanic” treatments but instead had to endure countless rounds of chemo until they died a miserable death. On this account, I told Dr. Hamer in no uncertain terms that I strongly oppose his anti-Jewish attitude and that I refuse to echo his public racial discrimination. For me, this was a matter of self-respect! I was very much aware that, based on my position or rather opposition, I would most likely fall into disfavour with him as has been the case with all those who disagree with his ideology – and this is precisely what happened. As far as my teaching is concerned, Dr. Hamer who had previously highly appreciated my thorough knowledge of his research is now of the opinion that I “use a castrated form of his Germanic New Medicine, i.e., a Jewish version for non-Jews” (quote from his letter to me, dated June 2, 2012) and that I am therefore a “liar” and a “thief”. It goes without saying that all this has been, and continues to be, very difficult for me.
In conclusion, my dedication and loyalty to Dr. Hamer’s discoveries as well as my deep respect for him as a scholar and researcher is entirely unaffected by these disappointing developments. With GNM, Dr. Hamer has given mankind one of the greatest gifts. It is the WORK (The Sacred Medicine) that empowers me and the LearningGNM Team to educate the public as well as health practitioners in the science of GNM and to secure the authentic research for future generations. Strongly united in this effort – for the common good – our movement continues to grow and flourish, carried by the energy of honesty and genuine truth. 

Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

March 22, 2014