discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.


June 2010

"I've had my first dandruff-free winter in 25 years!"

Ever since 7th grade, I've had dandruff - from time to time quite severely. I still carry with me the image of my class-room, when for the first time I noticed the dandruff flakes. Sometimes I didn't have any flakes for months, but at other times it was extreme. Over the past years, I've battled against my dandruff with all sorts of possible and impossible remedies - to no avail.  

About three years ago, I asked Helmut Pilhar (Austria) at a GNM-Seminar about my conflict. He explained that I must have suffered a "separation conflict" and that I keep setting on a "track", which makes it a "Hanging Healing" [Note: Dandruff is the conflict-active phase of a separation conflict]

For several years after that, no conflict came to mind that could possibly have had anything to do with a separation - no matter how strenuously I "researched" my past. - A few weeks ago I had a revelation in the bathroom, however, and suddenly knew what the conflict was!  At the same time, I came to the astonishing realization that I had had no dandruff since last fall.

The scenario was the following. The whole time I had been in High School I had had a terrific crush on Alexandra, the most beautiful girl in school, but had never dared to tell her that. In grade 7, I finally wrote her a letter. Not only did she ignore me, but she responded in a way that made it crystal-clear that I was never to go anywhere near her, again.

This experience was so utterly traumatic for me that I can, to this day, remember every second of it and every one of my thoughts. It is exactly since that time that I've had dandruff.

After school we totally lost sight of each other, but if I happened to meet anyone from our school-days, one of my first questions always was, "what's Alexandra up to?"  Yes, I would even indulge myself in memories of the "great love" of our school-time, whenever I saw a woman in a magazine that looked like the type Alexandra would be these days.      

Last September, I found a letter from Alexandra in my post-box - an invitation to a class-reunion! During the entire time before it I thought only of Alexandra and, you guessed it, had a big case of dandruff.
When the time finally came and I entered the restaurant, I could at first not recognize her. What I had not reckoned with was that she, too, was 38 years old now -- AND she had gained a lot of weight, had false teeth (badly-done into the bargain), and had become a woman I would never in a million years consider "attractive".

Since then, the spell has been broken, the "tracks" have been erased, and I've had my first dandruff-free winter in 25 years!

What I find most remarkable about all this, however, is that I -- while conscientiously trying for three years to find a "separation conflict" in my past -- had not succeeded in finding that earlier, though it had been so very obvious.

Translated from the original German document

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