discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer - presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

by William S. Vancouver (Canada)

December 22, 2010

"I am feeling good"

I am a 76 year old man. On August 16, 2010 I saw my GP (general physician) because of a sudden onset of symptoms of frequent urination and pressure in the lower abdomen. I had had blood and urine tests the previous week after a physical and my doctor was about to call me with the results of my PSA test, 22.30 urine clear. A further urine test showed bacteria but I had no typical bladder infection symptoms.
The same week I saw an urologist who did a cystoscopy and biopsy the following week. Results: all five biopsies were positive for "invasive prostatic adenocarcinoma", Gleason's score 4+5=9/10. The urologist told me it was an aggressive cancer and watchful waiting, surgery, hormone treatment and Brachytherapy (internal radiotherapy) were not an option. He recommended external radiation or HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound). I found out later this can only be done if the Gleason's score is 8 or less. His office made me an appointment with the cancer clinic but said to make sure to come back to his office for consultation before making a commitment.
It took until October 13 to get an appointment at the cancer clinic. They ordered further tests before the appointment. The CT scan was normal. The PSA had dropped to 7.76 which really surprised the doctor at the clinic. Nonetheless, he wanted me to participate in a trial that would put me on hormone suppressing drugs for 12 months, starting external beam radiation after 8 months. After 5 weeks the group would then be split; half would receive high boost radiation and half Brachytherapy.
In the meantime, I had been in touch with people knowledgeable in German New Medicine. A few years ago, I had attended a lecture about GNM and remembered that Dr. Hamer had discovered that all cancers start with a "conflict shock", sudden unexpected distress. I had had an accident 3.5 months before my diagnosis where I had cut across my right hand with a table saw, severing my little finger and doing a lot of damage to my other fingers. I thought this accident in May could have been the conflict.

After I had a session with a psychotherapist trained in GNM I learned that the conflict for prostate cancer is procreation or gender-related. We were not really able to establish the exact correlation to my accident, which was good enough, since my PSA level was already decreasing anyways and thus a clear sign that I had resolved the conflict and that the cancer was healing naturally.

From October 15 to 18, my wife and I took GNM Seminar ONE & TWO with Caroline Markolin. Although they scared us half to death at the cancer clinic, telling me not to wait too long before starting treatment, by the third day of the seminar I was sure I could trust my body to heal itself. I had learned that by the time you have symptoms, you are already in healing. That made sense as my symptoms were already easing while waiting for the different tests and appointments. It is now five months later. The frequency of urination and urine flow has returned to normal and I am feeling good.
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